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Welcome to St. Louis’ most elite training facility! The L.A.B. is not your ordinary fitness club. It is a one stop sports performance and preventative health center. Staffed with the industry’s leading Professionals; The L.A.B. Gym team has been hand picked to help our clientele achieve their goals, both physically and mentally.  At The L.A.B. you are GUARANTEED to reach your health, fitness and performance goals.  Whether your are an athlete, a diabetic, or have other health concerns, our Staff has the education and the experience to get you on the right plan for success. With 24 hr access and a limited membership base you will not have to wait in the line or have an excuse to not achieve your goals

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Education is the most powerful weapon to foster change. Delivered by the most Elite in our Profession. Our Training Staff sets the standard; as having previous experience in the field, specific education, the highest certifications in our industry and supercharged by The L.A.B.'s Trainers Academy. The L.A.B.'s soaring expectations and scrutiny maintain one of the highest success rates in the country.


Progressive adaptation. A basic tenet at the core of The L.A.B.'s philosophy is proper movement, above all else. Movements from every day life, properly applied or the SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand) The L.A.B. has been the catalyst for countless Client success through diet and exercise, overcoming disease, and injury.


Working in a group or 1-on-1 with a Trainer you will be surrounded by people with similar struggles, accomplishments and goals. The community breeds an infectious energy of motivation. Each Client's story is purely empowering. With each and every one saying, this is "Best Part of My Day"

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Getting started is easy at the best gym in Saint Louis, MO. We’ll help you find a program that fits YOUR GOALS!

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